The house to be let completely.

Capacity for 10 people. 
Minimum stay, 2 nights,


 1-31 OCTOBER                 Price per week: 1.750€     Week-ends: 900€

  NOVEMBER-21-DECEMBER   Price per week: 1200€    Week-ends: 800€


  Price per week: 1.750€         Price per night (minimum 3 nights): 1.500€


  2-JANUARY- 30 APRIL   Price per week: 1750€    Week-ends: 1200€

  1-MAY-12 JULY   Price per week: 2.750€     Week-ends: 1400€

  12-JULY-31 AUGUST      Price per week: 3.850    

  1-30 SEPTEMBER           Price per week: 2750€      Week-ends: 1400€

  1- OCTOBER-1 JANUARY 2025      Price per week: 1750€     Week-ends: 1200€

   CHRISTMAS. 23-26 DECEMBER   950-1200 (2-3 nights)

  NEW YEAR.  (minimum 3 nights): 1.650€

  EASTER: (Mínimum 3 nights): 1500€.

  • Method of payment: Bank Transfer.
  • 50% deposit required to confirm reservations.
  • Deposit to be made within the 48 hours of the reservation, otherwise booking will be lost.
  • The remaining 50% to be payed 30 days before the let.
  • In the case of late reservations [less than 30 days from the let date] the total amount must be payed within two days.
  •  In case of cancellation, the reservation deposit will not be returned unless the property can be rented again on the same dates and under current price.
  • To cover the let of the house a surety in cash will be required (500€ ).This should be handed over on arrival and will be returned on leaving.
  • On leaving, please live the BBQ, the oven and the cookware clean. Otherwise we will hold 100€ of the deposit for extra cleaning.
  • The use and enjoyment of the property is solely for the tenants. In the case of any event or party, involving other numbers of people, consult the propiertors for therms and conditions. The propiertors have the right to refuse at all times.
  • Cleaning staff will have access to the property for the pool and garden. Any other problems, the tenants will get prior warning.
  • The check-in starts from 15.00pm. The check-out is up to 11.00am. If you want to arrive before 15.00h, please ask us.
  • The check-in time is from 15.00pm to 10pm. The check-out time is from 08.00am to 11.00am. From 10.00pm to 08.00am there will be an extra charge of 50€ from your cash deposit.
  • It is absolutely forbiden to throw anything in the swimming pool.

         Any other options please contact.


         Lately we have had some incidents with clients due to lack of compliance with safety standard home. Neighbors have complained and called the police. As all this entails a serious detriment to the smooth running of our business, we feel the duty to remind our clients that the house rules are mandatory. Therefore we remind you that is strictly prohibited:

- Organize parties or meetings of more than 10 people, which is the maximum number of clients that there may be in the home. Its use is restricted to the number of people who have requested the rent. For any other eventuality, the explicit consent of the property is necessary

- Play loud music or make noise after 10 at night. During the day, the music volume must be moderated out of respect for the neighbors.

- Throwing cigarette butts in the garden or leaving pet waste.

- Enter the house with sand or earth. At the entrance door from the beach there is a container for foot rinsing and also a shower next to the pool.

- Enter the pool with sand or dirt or throw any object into it.

- Leave awnings or umbrellas open if you are not in the house.

- Throw any hygienic protection material or wipes, etc. into the toilet. that is not strictly toilet paper.

- That pets, if they enter the house, climb on the furniture or beds. Yes, by accident this should this occur, it will be the client's responsibility to clean any hair or marks on any part of the furniture.

The cleaning staff has complained about the state in which, on many occasions, they find the living place. The property is responsible for the cleaning of entry and exit but asks for respect to the workers. Therefore, clients are reminded that before their departure they must:

- Remove garbage to the corresponding containers.

- Remove ashes or remains from the barbecue if used.

- Leave garden or indoor furniture in its place if it needs to be moved.


We are sorry to have to insist on regulations when our main interest is comfort and satisfaction of our clients during their stay. We have been forced to do so due to the lack of responsibility and respect for some of these.

Thank you very much for your understanding. We wish you a good stay.